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Who are we ?

The association law 1901 of the Commanderie des Cordons Bleus, created in Dijon in 1949 under the chairmanship of Me Gaston-Gérard, former Minister, former Deputy-Mayor of Dijon, assisted by a Council grouping many personalities, leads an effective action at the service of quality food and conviviality.

Maître Gaston Gérard, could not give a better name - Commanderie des Cordons Bleus de France - to this meeting of consumers with a sharp taste who fully intend to participate in the prestige of gastronomy, chefs, traditions, good products and the art of living. .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Also present in Switzerland and in Hong Kong, the Commandery currently chaired by Marie-France Guyot-Renaud, organizes major festive events called “Season and study meetings” intended for a panel gourmets and gourmets. The ranks of the Commanderie are open to all those who consider gastronomy and cooking as an art in its own right.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

To symbolize its objective of useful action, the Commanderie des Cordons Bleus dedicates the enthronement ceremonial to the official presentation of the statutory badge, maintained by a blue cordon, and of the Commander's diploma.

Why a blue cord?

Under Louis XIV, the knights of the Order of the Holy Spirit wore a large blue cord in a scarf which symbolized excellence, especially in the culinary arts. Here is how the excellence of the Order ended up giving the nickname of “blue cord” to good cooks, good cooks and the perfect housewives!

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